The Kirator Campaign

In a world of living on the side of a place that could burn you in seconds.

  • There is no respite
  • There is no mercy
  • This
  • is
  • Not what I am telling you about

This campaign is set in a world where magic is considered a privilege to be able to use. Only the upper classes use magic, because that is how they got there, and mainly they all dislike people who are not able to use magic. They got to this magic wielding position because of their ancestors. They witnessed a great, once in an existence of a world kind of an event. The specifics of what exactly happened at that event are still debated, as it happened nearly five thousand years ago, but it is common knowledge that it was a gathering of deities that had to combine their power to stop a cataclysmic event from happening. The spot on which this happened is currently considered holy ground, and has been for the time since the event. This holy ground became the centerpiece for a city that was built around it. The city’s name changed as it exchanged control from one religious faction to another after a series of holy wars, but is currently called Felmentua. Felmentua is also the name of the state that is in control of the cities near Felmentua, which happens to be on the side of a volcano that has been erupting for nearly one hundred years. Our Monk, currently named Icarus, does not start here.

No, Icarus, a slave, starts out in the fantastic city of Phylos, a huge city built on the sides of sheer cliff walls. It it situated around a great port, with extensive docks and wharfs that fill up the harbor with artificial land. There, the Brotherhood of Kord has a great amount of influence, and have twisted Kord’s teachings into a doctrine where only the strong can survive. They use this doctrine to support the continuation of the slave trade, which is a huge part of what keeps the city running, and a lot of it’s exports. The fact that Icarus has been a slave for most of his life gives reasoning to why he wants to take the whole trade down. With the help of some old tomes that teach the techniques he needs to know to be a monk, he can escape his bonds and put his revolutionary plan in action. But he must first plan how to implement his escape plan…


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